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Repost: Source 2 Recap 2012

(Reposted from Facepunch. Originally posted 7 August 2012 at 4:42:07 AM GMT, last edited 12 August 12 at 12:34:03 AM GMT.)

Okay, so here’s what we know so far:

  • Source 2 definitely exists
  • Source 2 will use “gameinfo.gi” in place of “gameinfo.txt” — A revamped KeyValues script perhaps?
  • Source 2 will take advantage of 64-bit (below is from python\global\lib\site-packages\vproj\vprojUI.py, line 1539+)

# Disable 64-bit for 32-bit projectsif ( self.engine in ENGINE.SOURCE_FAMILY ) or ( self.engine == ENGINE.HYBRID ): self.run32bitCheckBox.setChecked( True ) self.run32bitCheckBox.setDisabled( True )else: self.run32bitCheckBox.setDisabled( False )

  • Source 2 may be rehauling its content pipeline, including renaming its models to .vmdl (below is from python\global\lib\site-packages\filesystem\valve.py, line 138+)

‘’’A “Valve Path” is one that is relative to a mod - in either the game or content tree.Ie: if you have a project with the content dir: d:/content and the game dir: d:/gamea “Valve Path” looks like this: models/awesomeProps/coolThing.vmdlTo resolve this path one must look under each mod the current project inherits from.So a project “test” which inherits from “another” would result in the following searches: d:/content/test/models/awesomeProps/coolThing.vmdl d:/content/another/models/awesomeProps/coolThing.vmdlSimilarly for the game tree.If the path cannot be resolved to a real file, None is returned.‘’’

  • Apparently there’s an e-mail called python@valvesoftware.com and a private wiki on intranet.valvesoftware.com
  • Source 2’s SDK tools may be built completely with Python and Qt

EDIT: I made a crappy response vlog entry regarding my thoughts on this development: [link]


EDIT 2: I’d always be up for searching for more hints or sharing some of my opinions more validly, so let me know. :D

EDIT 3: As seen on Podcast17 #200!

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